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Everything listed under: new customer acquisition

  • Banks just aren't that interested in you

    Member Acquisition Campaign This promotion's target was potential credit union members, age 18 to 28, living in Boulder or Broomfield Counties. The strategy was to convince young adults to switch from a bank to a credit union by mimicking the friend/fan environment of social media. Media channels implemented Direct Mail Website banner and promo page Social media marketing with landing page Gloria's contribution to project Concept Graphic design Copy writing Text: Banks just aren't that into you ...

  • Harmony Foundation Video Series

    Three videos from the eight video series providing addiction program information for Harmony Foundation, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Estes Park, Colorado. Gloria's contribution to project Videography Video editing using Premiere Pro

  • What to do with $1,000

    Membership Acquisition Campaign This promotion offered new credit union members a 9% dividend rate on $1,000 for 9 months. The strategy was to attract the type of member that had at least $1,000 in discretionary cash, and lock them into an account for 9 months, giving the credit union the opportunity to engage them for long-term patronage. The 9 for 9 campaigns ran from 2006 to 2009, over which time the membership base grew from 75,000 to 80,000. Media channels implemented ...